How do I upload my designs?

On the Owl Prints Dashboard go to the “Design” section on the left menu bar. Here you can upload all your design files.

Designs can be uploaded in two ways:

  1. Drop/Click on the “Upload Design” button. You will have e the ability to upload single or multiple designs.
  2. You can also link your Owl Prints account with your Google Drive account and import it directly.

How do I upload designs from my Google Drive? #

Simply click the “Google Drive” Icon on the top right corner and login to your account.

Your Google Drive will open, which will enable you to simply select your designs and import it.


And that’s it! Use your designs as and when you receive an order!


Please note the Owl Prints Dashboard does not accept design files greater than 16MB. Please ensure all your file sizes adhere to the same.

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