How do I place a manual order?

Now that your store is up and running, let’s help you take off!

To create a new manual order follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on “New Order” tab on the side Menu bar.
  2. Choose the category of product you want to select.
  3. Select product type.
  4. You will land on the Product Designing page. Here you can select the Size, Color, Quantity of the chosen product. Manual ordering
    • Click on “Upload Design” option available on the top left hand side corner. You can choose from a pre-uploaded design or import directly from your device.
    • Note- You also have the option to order a plain t-shirt by clicking on the “Plain” button.
    • You can either upload it directly from your computer or choose from pre uploaded designs.
    • After the design is uploaded, you can re-size and move it around as per your preference.
    • Once you’re happy with your design, click on “Next”.
  5. You will now be re-directed to the Order Info Panel. Here you can choose to add more products within the same order or proceed to Shipping.
  6. In the Shipping Panel enter all the details and your order is placed!
  7. Note – You can check your order details in the orders section.

Happy Ordering!

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