How to integrate your Shopify Store with Owl Prints [A Complete Guide]

In this article we will give a detailed step by step guide on how to integrate your Shopify Store to Owl Prints. This will automate your order processing at the click of a button.

Shopify Integration with Owl Prints #

Follow these steps to get your store integrated:

Linking Products #

  1. The foremost requirement for you to integrate your Shopify store with Owl Prints is to setup your Owl Prints account. If you don’t know how, check out this link: starting with Owl Prints.
  2. Once you have signed up, go to the Home page. You will see a “Connect to your store” button, as highlighted in the image below.
Connect your store
Connect Your Shopify Store

3. You will be redirected to a link to install the Owl Prints Shopify App

4. After the login you will be redirected to your Shopify store if you are logged in and if not you will be asked to login. Here you will be asked to install app.

Install App

5. Once you click on install app you will be redirected to Owl Prints login details (Check the image below). Login with Owl Prints credentials here or Sign Up and your store is now connected with Owl Prints

Login with Owl Prints

6. You are now officially linked to us! The next step will be to upload your designs on the Owl Prints dashboard. If you require a step-by-step guide for the same, use the link provided: how to upload designs on Owl Prints dashboard.

7. You can now create product templates. Consider product templates as your personal product listing on the Dashboard. You can check this detailed guide on: how to use create product templates.

8. Once you have created product templates, there are two ways to push these products to your Shopify Store: (Linking product templates with Shopify Store is of utmost importance as this will enable you to place orders automatically on the Owl Prints dashboard)

a) Head to the “Product Templates” section. Select the product you want to “Push to Store” . (Please refer to the image below for reference).

Product Templates
Product Templates
  • Enter the Product Name (Note: This will also be the name that will appear in your Shopify Store) at the top left side corner in the “Title” section.
  • Click on the Select All Tick Box (check the arrow in the image below), a pop-up will appear wherein you will have to enter the Selling Price for all the variants (circled in the image below).
  • Press “Save” to confirm and update the same.
push to store
Push to store

Now all you have to do is, “Push To Store”. You can “Select All” (If you want to push all variants at once) or choose specific variants!

We request your patience, as this process might take unto a few minutes. Once the products are pushed, you will see a “Live” button next to the ones the selected ones.

Product pushed

The pushed products can be seen on your corresponding Shopify Store Admin Panel as well.

b) if you are an existing Shopify user, please use this link for the same: how to link products for existing shopify users.

Ordering #

Now that you have integrated your Shopify Store with Owl Print Dashboard, let’s understand the Ordering process.

Head to the “Integration” section (check the image below for reference).This section contains various settings to automate your ordering process!

Integration settings
Shopify store settings

You will be able to view 3 settings related to orders. The same are explained below:

  1. Place prepaid orders automatically without confirmation: This is a default setting. Under this setting, all the Prepaid orders will be placed as “Confirmed” orders with Owl Prints. You can turn this off, whenever you require. If you do choose to turn this option off, ALL prepaid orders will go to the “Draft Orders” tab in the orders section. Here, you have the option to manually confirm and place the orders you want. Draft order section is explained in detail on the following link.
  2. Place COD orders automatically without confirmation: By default this setting is turned off, in this case all the COD orders will first go to the “Draft Orders” tab in orders section, where you can manually them. You also have the option to turn this on. If you choose to do so, ALL COD orders will be placed as confirmed orders automatically.

We hope this helps and answers your questions regarding Shopify integration with Owl Prints. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions!

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