How to link products with Owl Prints for existing Shopify users?

Shopify stores which already have a lot of products listed can connect their store to Owl Prints in a simpler way.

First make sure your Shopify store is connected to Owl Prints check this link for more information.

Follow the steps below

  1. On the sidebar you will see a sync product tab. This is where you can link your existing products with Owl Prints product templates for automated orders processing.
  2. The very first step in sync your products with Owl Prints is creating a replica of your products listing on Owl Prints dashboard using Product templates feature which is explained in depth in the link.
  3. While you are creating product templates on the dashboard please take note of the following things.
    1. When making product templates name the products same as on our Shopify store to avoid any confusion.
    2. While adding variants make sure you add the exact same variants which are on your Shopify store because if the number of variants in products templates are not the same as your Shopify Products you’ll not be able to sync the products.
    3. Make sure you don’t push these product templates to store. Once you push it store it will be live on our Shopify store. So, just create it and save without pushing to store.
  4. Once you have created the product templates go to sync product tab on the left side. Here you will see two sections. On the left the product templates which are not synced will be displayed. On the right side all your Shopify products which are not connected to Owl Prints will be displayed.
  5. Go the product templates you want to sync, copy the id with help of the button beside.
  6. Go to the Shopify Product you want to sync with the particular product template. Click on sync product.
  7. After clicking sync product a popup will open which will display all the variants with an option to enter product id. Enter the product ID you copied earlier here and click on the sync button.
  8. If the variants are matching you will get a confirmation message of sync done.
  9. Once the products are synced all orders for that specific product will be received directly on the Owl Prints Dashboard.
  10. You can also check if the products are synced or not by going to the product templates section and clicking the product you just synced. You will see a live green color info bar on the variants which have been synced. This way you can cross check which product templates are synced or not.

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