How to place Bulk Screen Printing orders for fulfillment?

Screen printing is one of the most popular and widely used printing techniques for creating custom printed T-Shirts. This is because a high-quality print can be achieved at lower costs.

At Owl Prints we have been perfecting the method of screen printing over to provide you with the best output. 

So, how does this work? #

  1. Login to your Owl Prints Dashboard
  2. Head to New Orders> New Orders
  3. You will see a dropdown on the right side with DTG, DTF and Screen printing options. Select the screen printing option from the drop down
  4. Select your colour and size.
  5. Add your design
  6. Add the quantity in each size field as per your requirement. 
  7. Enter the number of colors you want the print to be in

Note: No. of colours is an important price factor in screen printing. We can print designs up to 6 colors. Shades of colours are also counted as different colours

  1. Paste the link of your design in the design link 

Note: Design should either be in a CDR or a PSD format.

Here: Tabs where quantity per size, no. of colours in the design & design link have to be entered are highlighted.


9. After you place the order you have the option to:

a.) Store the bulk inventory with us and fulfil your orders using our Dropshipping services 

Once you have designed & confirmed your order, you will see an option to add items to inventory as per the Screenshot below.

Once you have done this. Your order will now reflect in “Screen Printing Inventory” tab on the menu. 

You can ship these t-shirts from “Screen Printing Inventory” menu by just adding the quantity you need and after that normal ordering process to be followed.

b.) Ship the bulk order as a regular order i.e via “Store Pickup” or by using our courier partners that are available.

Now that the order is placed, how do I fulfil my orders using this inventory? #

After your Bulk Order is printed & ready to be shipped you can either add this inventory manually to yours orders or integrate it with your stores. Read below to see how!

When you place a manual order with us you can simply add this inventory by choosing the quantity. 

To ensure the order is automatically placed for integrated store make sure you have created a product templates with the same design, linked it to the store and have chosen screen printing as the method in product templates.

A easier way to create product templates for screen printing orders is to add the screen printing order to inventory and select the option to create a product template from there.

You can check you inventory and add to order from screen inventory tab under orders section!

Design Guidelines for Bulk Screen Printing: #

  1. There can be no gradients, shadows, or colour tints
  2. All text should be converted to outline
  3. Maximum number of colours should be 6
  4. You should email the original source file that will be ideal at [email protected] with your “Order Id”
  5. The format of the links you attach while ordering should be Photoshop or Corel Draw

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  • roni Reply

    what is moq for screen printing ?

    March 2, 2023 at 1:00 pm
    • Chandan Reply

      The MOQ is 20 for screen printing.

      March 20, 2023 at 5:00 pm

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