Price calculation for Apparel Products

T-shirt Pricing along with other apparels. #

The pricing can a bit tricky to understand at first. But, this article will make things simpler for you.

The pricing of apparel products can be divided into following components :

1. Product Price–  This is the price for a plain product. The pricing for T-shirts for all colours is Rs.175. Please note: All colour tees in sizes 3xl to 5xl cost & Rs.230; sizes up to 7XL cost Rs.270.  Women Tees cost Rs. 175 and Crop Tops cost Rs.160. Hoodies cost Rs.470 and Sweatshirts Rs.420. Gym Vests cost Rs.160. Oversized t-shirts cost Rs. 230.
If you want to buy just a plain t-shirt Rs.30 handling charges are applied on top of the product price.

2. Printing Price–  Printing price is calculated on per sq. inch basis. Printing price on all colour garments is Rs.1.5 per sq. inches and the minimum printing price is Rs.120.  For white color garments price is Rs.0.8 per sq inches and the minimum printing price is Rs.80

3. Shipping Cost– The shipping price depends on two things  a) Mode of Payment- Prepaid or COD b) Mode of Shipment- Air or Surface . 

COD orders have a flat price of Rs.50 per order in addition to the total.  Surface mode shipment have a price of Rs.50 per 500 gms and air mode have a price of Rs.60 per 500 gms. Please note: Delhivery Surface price is Rs.80 and Delivery Air costs Rs.90.

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