Monthly Discount Plan

SELL MORE, SAVE MORE with our Monthly Discount Plan!

Growing a business is not easy, who could know it any better than us, and you! We have watched you grow your business and understand the strength that is required to push through. To make this process a far rewarding one, we have a Monthly Discount Plan for you folks! Sell more, save more indeed!

But how does this work?

At the end of every month, based on the number of pieces ordered via our Dashboard, your discount is calculated and credited back into your wallet to utilise of rfuture orders! Greater the sales, bigger the reward! Psst! This discount is calculated every month so you reap the benefits every time!


This is how your discount is calculated:

Place your orders on our dashboard now! 

Link for your reference:


Note: Discount is not calculated for plain products.

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T-shirt Print On Demand

What is Owl Prints?

Owl Prints is custom Print on Demand Dropshipping service provider. We help bringing your ecommerce store dream to reality 

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